What We Do

Building a Behavioral, Academic, Social and Emotional BASE for children in Greenville.

Our philosophy is holistic and understands that to be successful, YouthBASE must connect a child’s home, school, and after-school environments. To make this connection, we offer an unique approach compared to traditional afterschool and summer programs:

  • Children have individualized behavior and academic plans that are adapted with progress.
  • YouthBASE staff establishes effective collaborations between families, schools, teachers and after-school staff.
  • Family engagement programs offer support to parents through Café de Madres and Family Nights.
  • Children are provided a wealth of opportunities to establish strong, safe relationships and connect with the community.


    • Individualized academic and behavior goals and plans for each child
    • Homework help and tutoring
    • Daily reading
    • Field trips that are high yield learning experiences
    • Social and Emotional Learning
    • STEM activities
    • School visits/lunches
    • Bridging the gap between school and home by building relationships with teachers and parents
    • Transportation provided, if needed
    • Free of charge


    • 6 weeks, 8:30-2pm
    • Structured academic program designed to increase skills and prevent summer slide
    • Field Trips that are high yield learning experiences
    • Social and Emotional Learning
    • STEM activities
    • Transportation provided, if needed
    • Free of charge

YouthBASE is free and transportation is included for participating students. YouthBASE strives to increase accessibility by removing barriers such as cost and transportation.


    • Family Nights are designed to increase family interaction by providing a time set aside to learn and have fun together. Family Nights include dinner and literacy, math, science or game night programs.
    • Café de Madres is based on Strengthening Families Parent Café model. Café de Madres will resume in Fall and is currently to be decided. It’s goals are building relationships, providing information about community resources, parenting, child development and ultimately strengthen families. Cafe de Madres is offered in Spanish and open to the entire Greenville community.

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